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Looking after you and your family

Childrens Tax Exempt Plan

Give your child a head start in life with a tax free cash sum

Start a regular savings plan with £25 a month (£5.76 a week)

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Tax Exempt Savings Plan

A tax free cash sum can help to achieve your goal – whatever you’re saving for

Start saving regularly for your future with £25 a month (£5.76 a week)

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Savings and Investment Plan

Provide a nest egg for your future with a regular savings plan

Start saving from £26 to £260 a month (£6 to £60 a week)

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POIS and Foresters Friendly Society - looking after you and your family

Our members' interests are at the heart of everything we do.

The Post Office Insurance Society, also known as POIS, was formed in 1878 and has been providing affordable financial products to Post Office and Royal Mail employees for over 135 years. POIS is now part of Foresters Friendly Society and continues to offer savings and investment products to Royal Mail employees and any members of the public wishing to put aside savings for the future.

Foresters Friendly Society is a well established UK friendly society, whose aim is to be the most member centric financial mutual in the UK. Being part of a mutual society means we have no shareholders; we are exclusively owned by and run for the benefit of our members, offering a wide range of services and membership benefits.

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