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Savings that work
as hard as you do

You put the hours in to earn money. So shouldn’t your money work just as hard to give you something back? POIS products are simple, honest and could help to put a few extra pounds in your pocket.


The best start
for your children

Providing for your little ones is so important. It means they can start life with so many more opportunities. Financial security means a lot – and the sooner you get started, the sooner their chances can start growing.


Savings that help
you reach your goals

It’s good to have a goal. Something to aim for. A season ticket? A dream holiday? That extension to make a little more room? Our savings and investment plans can help you reach whatever you’re dreaming of.


Preparing for the future today

Ever noticed how a little peace of mind goes a long way? Our products are designed to help you face whatever the future has in store for you. So you can stop worrying about the uncertainty and carry on living life today.


Take out one of our products and you’ll automatically become a Foresters member with access to all our member benefits.

POIS is part of Foresters Friendly Society, a UK friendly society established in 1834 and still going strong. As well as financial products, we offer members a range of wonderful, unique benefits such as discretionary grants to help with dental and optical costs.

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Not sure which product works for you?

Why not spend a few moments using our product selector to discover the products we offer that might be right for you.

I work hard for my money – I want my savings to work just as hard

“They are very good to invest your money with, they give a good return.  They look after your money very well.” POIS Member

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Why choose us

Get access to a range of member benefits – over £1.72m paid in discretionary grants to members and charitable donations in 2023

Established for over 140 years, and combined with Foresters Friendly Society, we have over 55,000 members

Funds managed in partnership with AXA Investment Managers 

We manage funds of £262 million for our members

(as of 31/12/2022)

Our plans are covered by the Financial Services Compensation
Scheme for extra protection for you

Latest fund performance

Below you can find the daily prices for our POIS Flexible Growth Fund, POIS Savings Fund and POIS Money Bond Fund.

POIS Flexible Growth Fund

Tax Exempt Saving Plan Children’s Tax Exempt Plan


Unit Price (pence):


Change from previous day:


POIS Savings Fund

Savings & Investment Plan


Unit Price (pence):


Change from previous day:


POIS Money Bond Fund

Closed to new business


Unit Price (pence):


Change from previous day:


POIS understands how important my savings are to me and my family

“Well organised outfit.  They value your membership and keep you informed.  I trust them to take care of my investment.” POIS Member

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Working hard for you

Even after over 140 years we are constantly delighted by how much our customers support us in what we do. Because our members are at the heart of everything we do, it means so much to us to hear what they have to say.