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Fund Information

Daily Fund Prices

In the table below you can find the daily prices for our POIS Flexible Growth Fund, POIS Savings Fund and POIS Money Bond Fund.

The contributions you make are used to purchase units in the funds, the value of which can go up as well as down depending on the price of the investments in the fund.

If you cannot find the fund your policy is invested in please contact us on 0800 622 417 or by email at memberservices@pois.co.uk.  

Daily Fund Prices 

Price Date: 12th December 2019

Fund NameUnit Price (pence)% change from previous pricing day
POIS Flexible Growth Fund114.20+         0.09 %
POIS Savings Fund222.90+         0.09 %
POIS Money Bond Fund198.20+         0.10 %


The Unit Price is the price at which you can buy or sell your units. The charges made for managing the fund have already been deducted and the Fund Prices are shown after the effect of these. Details of charges can be found in the Product FAQs. 

Working out the current value of your plan

You can work out the value of your plan by taking the number of units it currently holds, and multiplying this number by the current Unit Price. For example:

  • 3,000 units or shares x 176.50 pence = 529,500 pence
  • 529,500 pence divided by 100 = £5,295

If you are unsure how many units your plan currently holds, please contact us on 0800 622 417 to find out.

Please Note:  The value of your plan can vary on a daily basis and will depend on the Unit Price at the time it is cashed in. A surrender charge will be deducted in line with your policy terms and conditions if the plan is cashed in before its 10th  anniversary.

The value of the plan may fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you have paid in.

Please see your plan Key Information Document and Important Information for further information.