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Investments and the POIS Flexible Growth Fund


To achieve long term growth, whilst spreading risk across a range of investments.

  • Invests mainly in shares, both UK and overseas, along with fixed interest investments and property. The fund may purchase these investments directly or through collectives. It is an actively managed fund. 
  • The contributions you make will be used to purchase units in the fund. The value of the units can go down as well as up depending on the price of the investments in the fund and the value is  not guaranteed. As the fund holds overseas assets, the Sterling value of these assets may rise and fall as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

Different types of asset class

  • Equities - the fund can invest in shares from both the UK and overseas, including the US, Europe, the Far East and emerging markets. Investing in shares has historically been an effective way of growing capital over the longer term and protecting against inflation.
  • Fixed Interest  - also known as bonds. These are loans by the UK Government (called gilts) or a company (termed corporate bonds). Bonds pay a fixed rate of interest throughout their term or can pay a return linked to inflation. Bonds issued by the Government and larger, credit worthy companies are generally thought to be less risky than investment in shares.
  • Property - the fund does not invest directly in property but may do this through property companies or property funds, where a greater exposure to several properties can be achieved.  Property companies and funds mainly invest in commercial property such as offices, retail, leisure and industrial developments.
  • Cash - this can also include 'near cash' investments such as investments in banks and building societies.  A proportion of the fund will be held in these liquid investments as holdings in the fund are bought and sold.
  • Collective investments - a collective investment enables a number of investors to combine their assets and have these professionally managed by an independent manager.  By doing this, investors can reduce risk by spreading their investments more widely than is possible by investing in the assets directly. OEICs (open-ended investment companies), unit trusts and ETFs (exchange traded funds) are examples of collective investments.

Investments in the POIS Flexible Growth Fund will vary, for example as new opportunities arise or if economic conditions or investment markets change.

Please Note: You should bear in mind that past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. As the fund holds overseas assets, the Sterling value of these assets may rise and fall as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

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