LISA Transfer Form - POIS

Lifetime ISA Transfer

Download a transfer form

and submit your application by post

The Lifetime ISA is only available to UK residents aged 18 – 39 and contributions must be paid from a UK bank account.

You can move money from other savings or ISAs, including Help to Buy ISAs, by downloading and completing a transfer form.

The Lifetime ISA offered by us is provided by Foresters Friendly Society and is classified as a Stocks and Shares ISA.  POIS is a part of Foresters Friendly Society.

What will I need to submit a transfer by post?

  • Details of your existing ISA or other savings account
  • Your HMRC Lifetime ISA number (if applicable)
  • Your National Insurance Number

Please remember that we do not offer financial advice. If you would like to speak to a Financial Adviser regarding the suitability of the Lifetime ISA please do, however they may charge for their advice.