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Prepaid Funeral Plan

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When you pass away, your family and friends should be left with nothing but wonderful, warm memories and comforting thoughts. A Prepaid Funeral Plan through Dignity will help. It can reduce the stress and costs of arranging a funeral – leaving your nearest and dearest time to remember you in their own way.


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A Prepaid Funeral Plan will help to give you peace of mind that arrangements have been taken care of. What makes it less stressful is that the price you agree today for the services included in your plan is fixed. This safeguards against the rising cost of funerals, so there will be no added costs for the services in the plan for your family to worry about later.

Dignity is a registered provider with the Funeral Planning Authority, the professional body that oversees the operation of registered funeral plan companies.

Beat the price rise to save up to £200

Save up to £200 is based on the difference between the current plan prices and the new prices when they increase on 17th December 2020.

Why choose the Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Give your family peace of mind by organising and paying for your funeral now with a Prepaid Funeral Plan.

The plan is available to anyone aged 50 or over who will have their funeral in mainland Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man or Isle of Wight. Rest assured that there are no health restrictions and no medical questions to answer.

All your money is carefully managed and protected with the National Funeral Trust.

The plan fixes funeral prices at today’s rate, and there will be no added cost for the services in the plan for your family to worry about in the future.

There are four plans to choose from which you can pay for by cheque, credit or debit card, and you can also pay by direct debit in full or in instalments. Payments made over a period of 13 months will need to be made by direct debit.

You’ll receive privileged access to membership benefits including discretionary grants to help you to cover the cost of things like convalescent, respite and healthcare costs.

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Common questions

Why do I need a funeral plan when I already have savings and life insurance?

Savings and life insurance policies don’t protect your family from rising funeral costs or help your family with any of the funeral arrangements, whereas a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan will.

When you take out a Prepaid Funeral Plan through Dignity the costs of the funeral services set out in the plan are frozen at today’s price, and a trusted Dignity Nominated Funeral Director will be on hand to provide all the help and guidance your family may need.

How much does a funeral plan cost?

The Prepaid Funeral Plan offers different options to help meet the needs of different requirements and budgets from Limited to Diamond plans. You can choose a plan that meets your needs and suits your budget. Payment options are flexible for example, you can choose to make a single payment or spread the cost over 12 months or more. The prices for these options are:


OptionSingle payment12 monthly instalments
Limited£2,995£249.58 per month
Amber£3,395£282.91 per month
Pearl£3,750£312.50 per month
Diamond£3,995£332.91 per month

There is no extra charge for spreading the cost over 12 monthly instalments.

The prices listed above are the full plan price and are valid as at 01/05/2020. Prices are subject to review by Dignity. If for any reason the plan price has changed when you apply, Dignity will advise you before your plan is set up and there will be no obligation for you to continue.

If you’d rather pay in instalments for longer than 12 months, then this can be arranged providing that  all payments are completed by the 85th birthday of the eldest person named on the plan and the instalment term does not exceed  the maximum term available. For arrangements over 12 months, there will be a fee.

Can the cost of the funeral plan change in the future?

No. This Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity fixes prices at today’s rate. Once fully paid, your family will never be asked to pay a penny more for the services included in the plan, no matter when the funeral takes place and how much prices rise in the future. This provides welcome peace of mind at a difficult time.

How can I pay for my Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Payments can be made by a one-off cheque, credit or debit card or Direct Debit. Alternatively, you can set up a monthly Direct Debit to spread the cost over 12 months. For periods of more than 12 months, however, there will be an additional cost. To talk about any other payment options available apart from those listed on the application form, please call Dignity on 0800 484 0526, who will be more than happy to help.

What happens if I pass away before all monthly instalments are paid?

If you pay for your plan over 12 months or less the price agreed in your plan will stay the same, as long as the person arranging the funeral agrees to pay the outstanding balance. They’ll receive an invoice for the amount after the funeral has taken place.

What is the Dignity Promise?

If you choose to pay for your plan over more than 12 months, and you pass away before you’ve finished paying for it, Dignity will cover your outstanding balance. They will not ask your loved ones to pay a penny more than you’ve already paid for all the services included in your plan. That’s the Dignity promise. All you need to know:

  • The Dignity Promise applies to all payment terms over more than 12 months.
  • If you pass away more than 12 months after your funeral plan start date and your payments are fully up to date, Dignity will cover your outstanding balance.
  • If you pass away within the first 12 months of your funeral plan start date, only as a result of an accident, Dignity will cover your outstanding balance.
  • If you pass away more than 12 months after your funeral plan start date and you have missed up to two payments, your Funeral Organiser will be asked to pay the outstanding payments before the Dignity Promise will be honoured.
  • If you pass away more than 12 months after your funeral plan start date and you have missed three or more payments, you will not be covered by the Dignity Promise or the price guarantee, and neither will be valid or effective.

Please see the Instalment Payments section of the Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan Terms & Conditions for further details.

How is my money looked after?

The money paid for each Prepaid Funeral Plan goes directly into the National Funeral Trust.  Here the money required for the funeral is securely and carefully managed to ensure that all of the funeral services in the plan can be paid for in the future.  The Trust is independently managed by some of the most respected names in the financial industry to make sure that Planholders’ money is properly protected.

Can I choose my own funeral plan?

There are four funeral plans to choose from. They each include arrangements for a cremation or burial funeral.

Click here to download a comparison of the four plans.

Once you’ve chosen and paid for the plan that is right for you, Dignity will deliver all the services listed within your chosen plan, no matter how far in the future that may be.

Can I add personal touches to my service?

Yes. You can document as many special requests as you like and when the time comes Dignity will advise your loved ones. Requests can include essentials like whether you’d like to be cremated or buried, or if you would like a religious or non-religious service, as well as a choice of music and floral tributes.

Please note that any additional costs such as floral tributes may not be covered by the plan and will need to be paid for at the funeral. Alternatively, you can contribute towards these costs on the Amber, Pearl and Diamond Plans. The amount you contribute now will rise with RPI inflation.

You cannot make any additional contributions to the Limited Plan. If you would like to change your special requests at any time, you can do so with no administration fee being charged.

What’s not included in the funeral plan?

Some things aren’t included in your funeral plan, such as:

  • Burial plots, embalming, memorial or headstone, flowers, catering at the wake
  • Repatriation from outside mainland Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Jersey, the Isle of Man or the Isle of Wight
  • Artificial limbs and mechanisms such as pacemakers removal costs
  • Any costs associated with changes in tax, regulations, laws or generally accepted practices that result in additional costs or affect the conduct of the funeral
  • Extra costs for conducting the burial, cremation or funeral service on a weekend or public holiday or at an unusual hour
  • Doctor’s or coroner’s fee

This list is not exhaustive, so please refer to the Terms & Conditions, available in the Prepaid Funeral Plan brochure, for further information.

Can I choose my funeral director?

Dignity will allocate a Nominated Funeral Director to your plan. For the Amber, Pearl or Diamond plans, Dignity currently have a network of over 1,200 owned or approved funeral directors throughout the UK. For the Limited Plan, there are approximately 800 funeral directors throughout the UK. They are all trusted names and many of them have been serving their local communities for generations.

If you have a specific funeral director in mind then this can be looked into, but please contact Dignity before you buy the plan. Dignity may change your plan to a different Nominated Funeral Director if required.

How will my family know what to do?

Once you have your plan, you will be sent a planholder pack by Dignity. It includes everything you and the person responsible for your funeral will need to know when the time comes. You’ll also find out how to add personal touches and special requests to your plan.

What if the plan isn’t used?

If the funeral plan is not found until after the planholder’s funeral is arranged, or your next of kin or executor chooses not to use it, they can cancel the plan and receive a refund of the original amount, less a cancellation fee of £249.

What happens if Dignity go out of business?

It’s something you needn’t worry about. All the money you pay for your Dignity plan is protected whatever happens to Dignity. That’s because all the money needed for the funeral is held securely in the totally independent National Funeral Trust. No one at Dignity can access it and in the unlikely event that Dignity were to go out of business the Managing Trustees of the Trust would work with the remaining Nominated Funeral Directors, and where necessary seek to appoint new Nominated Funeral Directors, to continue to provide services to Planholders.

Can I have a refund if I change my mind?

From the date you receive your agreement, you have a cooling-off period of 30 days to cancel your plan and get a full refund. If you decide you want to cancel after 30 days then you’ll still get a refund, but there will be a cancellation fee of £249 which will be deducted from your refund. This is to protect the long term stability of the Trust Fund.

Following your decision to cancel, refunds usually take around 14 days to be completed. To cancel your plan all you need to do is let Dignity know by completing and returning the form included in the planholder’s pack sent to you. Or you could contact them by:

Post: Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited, 4 King Edwards Court, King Edwards Square, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B73 6AP

Telephone: 0800 484 0526


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