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Lifetime ISA Top Ups

Savings that work harder with a
25% government bonus

We all dream about how we would like life to be in the future but making it a reality can be tricky. Don’t forget to top up your Lifetime ISA (also known as a LISA) and the government gives you a very healthy 25% monthly bonus on whatever you’ve saved. The question is, why wouldn’t you make the most of your £4,000 yearly allowance!

Why top up your Lifetime ISA?

Your Lifetime ISA will receive a 25% government bonus every month, up to a maximum of £1,000 each tax year (a tax year runs from April 6 to April 5 the following year).

Save up to £4,000 every tax year from £50 a month or invest a lump sum of at least £500. You can top up your savings with amounts of £250 or more too.

Your money is invested in a Foresters Friendly Society fund which gives you access to investment types you cannot get directly.

You’ll also get access to membership benefits including discretionary grants to help cover the cost of things like higher education and healthcare costs.

Rory and Rosemary, Surrey

“We took out a Lifetime ISA to help boost our retirement funds. It appealed to us as we feel the state pension and workplace pensions may not be sufficient on their own. We didn’t want to miss out on the additional money from the government with the plan’s 25% bonus!

As editor of the Foresters member magazine, and with Rosemary running our local Foresters branch, it’s been great to get involved with the member events that take place too.”


Ready to make the most of your Lifetime ISA allowance? Top up today!

Added value for you – Member Benefits

Taking out a Lifetime ISA is only the start. By doing so, you become a welcome member of the POIS family which is now a part of Foresters Friendly Society, a well-established UK friendly society. This means you can enjoy some wonderful, unique benefits such as discretionary grants to help with dental and optical costs.  In 2023, we gave back over £1.72 million to our POIS and Foresters members in the form of discretionary grants and charitable donations.

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Common questions

Can I still open a Foresters Lifetime ISA

Lifetime ISA’s are no longer available to open with Foresters. But on the plus side, we do offer other saving plans which can be used to save for your future. Find out more about our Tax Exempt Savings Plan and our Saving and Investment Plan.


Can I transfer an existing Lifetime ISA

We no longer accept transfers into Lifetime ISA’s

What is a Lifetime Individual Savings Account (Lifetime ISA/LISA)?

Whether you’re putting plans in place for your first leap into home ownership, or thinking about the type of retirement you’d like to have, a Lifetime ISA could be just what you need to get started. It allows you to pay in up to £4,000 every tax year into a Cash LISA, or a Stocks & Shares LISA like the one we offer (or you can split the allowance between both). The government will then add a 25% bonus on the money you pay into your LISA every month.

It gets better. As your money will be invested in Foresters Friendly Society’s With Profits fund, it could also benefit from an annual bonus each year, plus a potential final bonus when you withdraw your money. Unlike the government bonus, these bonuses are not guaranteed.

To open a Lifetime ISA you need to be aged 18 to 39 and a UK resident for tax purposes

How long can I save with a Lifetime ISA?

Although you need to be under 40 to open a LISA, once opened you can pay into the plan until you turn 50 at which point no more contributions can be made. Government bonuses will be paid on any money you pay into your Lifetime ISA up until the age of 50 and we aim to add bonuses dependent on the performance of the Foresters’ with profits fund throughout the plan’s duration.

If you’re saving for retirement your savings can be accessed from the age of 60.  If you’re saving for your first home, your savings can be accessed for that purpose at any age.

As the Lifetime ISA should ideally be held for a number of years, you may find that some of the rules and regulations covering their operation and tax status may change in the future. You won’t pay tax on your investment, but don’t forget that tax is automatically deducted from share dividends and that tax cannot be reclaimed. The addition of Foresters bonuses is not guaranteed.

How much can I pay into a Lifetime ISA?

You can pay in regular monthly amounts by Direct Debit from £50 or you can invest a lump sum of at least £500. After that you can make top ups with lump sums of at least £250.

Alternatively, you can make a mixture of both regular and lump sum payments into the plan. Just remember your total contributions must not be more than £4,000 per tax year.  As LISAs are designed to be held for a number of years, the limit on annual contributions may change but we will keep you updated if it does change in the future.

How does buying a home work with a LISA?

It’s simple, but remember, your Lifetime ISA can only be used when you’re buying your first home. When the purchase is proceeding, your money that’s in the Lifetime ISA, including all government and possible Foresters’ bonuses, will be passed directly to the solicitor or licensed conveyancer who is acting on your behalf. If, for some reason, the purchase of the property doesn’t complete, the solicitor will return the money and it will be reinvested back into your plan at no loss to yourself.

Where will my money be invested?

Your money, along with the government bonus, will be invested into the Foresters Friendly Society With Profits Order Insurance Fund. The fund’s goal is to deliver growth over the medium to long term. There is the potential for annual bonuses and a maybe even a final bonus to be added to your Lifetime ISA by Foresters in addition to the government bonus, but this depends on how well the fund performs and cannot be guaranteed.

The following annual bonus rates have been declared by Foresters for our Lifetime ISA. These are paid in addition to your 25% government bonus:

Year Annual Bonus Rate
2022 1.25%
2021 1.25%
2020 1.25%
2019 1.75%
2018 1.75%

The annual bonus is applied to the amount invested, less any withdrawals you may have made to your Lifetime ISA – plus any previous bonuses that have been added.

Please note that bonuses are not guaranteed. And you may not get back the full amount you invested originally, dependent on the investment conditions at the time of withdrawal. Inflation will affect what you can buy when you cash-in your LISA.

Please read our Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM) to find out more about the addition of bonuses and how Foresters manage the fund.

From time to time, the product might change slightly to meet the needs of policyholders. This may affect the timings and amount of any bonuses in the future. Therefore, the above bonus rate is provided for information purposes only. It shouldn’t be considered as an indication of likely future performance.

How are the bonuses from the government paid?

The money that you pay into your Lifetime ISA in any one tax year will receive a 25% government bonus which is paid monthly. So let’s say you pay £200 a month into your LISA; each month you will receive a £50 government bonus as well. The payment of these bonuses is managed for you, so you don’t need to do a thing.

Will I have to pay any charges with the Lifetime ISA?

There’s an annual management charge to pay, which covers the cost of managing the LISA for you. This is 2% of the value of your Lifetime ISA and will be deducted before any annual bonuses are added to the plan.

We promise it will never exceed 3% of the value of your Stocks & Shares LISA in any one year. These charges cover our costs for managing the LISA for you.  For more information about charges, please see the Lifetime ISA (LISA) Key Information Document and the Important Information.

What happens if I decide not to use my LISA to buy a home or for retirement?

Good question. Although the LISA is designed for you to save for your first home or later life and retirement from age 60, you can still cash it in for other reasons. However, in most cases this would incur a 25% government charge, applied to the whole amount of your withdrawal.

This effectively returns the government bonus to them, and includes any growth or other bonuses received on that money. If you do wish to make withdrawals, then we recommend you read the Lifetime ISA Important Information for further information.

Ways to top up your Lifetime ISA



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