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“I was able to purchase a number of text books to help me complete my A Level qualifications.”

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“The stay at the convalescent home allowed my husband and I to have a break and a welcome change of environment. This was particularly valuable for my husband, as it meant he was able to have some respite from care and household duties.”

Gill, Chesterfield

“I applied for the Educational Award to assist with funding the purchase of textbooks for my course and to help fund the cost of participating in field trips and field studies which are fundamental to my course.

Thanks to the textbooks and knowledge gained on the field trips, I have achieved some fantastic results in my first year at Oxford University. I’m grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for providing extra support when I needed it.”

Joe, Cheltenham

“Thanks to the Educational Award grant I was able to purchase all the revision books I need to help me study for my A Levels in Physics and Maths.”

Jordan, Yorkshire

The grant allows me to get out and about

“When my mobility scooter was stolen I was left virtually housebound.  As my insurance would not cover my loss, the grant I received from the Foresters Support Fund meant that I was able to replace my scooter quickly. I am very grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for supporting me with the grant and allowing me to continue getting out and about.”

Estella, Essex

“I applied for the Foresters Support Fund following a personal crisis, to assist me in getting a quick evaluation from a medical consultant. I explored the possibility of going through the NHS, but there was a long waiting time for appointments. Receiving the grant has been a godsend and such a relief. It took a lot of the stress away when I was worried about the financial implications of receiving treatment. The people at Foresters administering the grant were extremely pleasant, kind and responsive. I was kept informed at every stage of the application. Foresters is an organisation that really does care about its members, and I’d highly recommend them.”

Matthew, Worthing

“After recently getting divorced, I sold the family home to downsize to a smaller property. 3 weeks later, Storm Eunice hit, which damaged the gable end of my house. As I had just moved in, I was not yet insured and had to pay for the repairs myself.

Receiving the grant from Foresters has been such a godsend. The grant has covered half my costs for the repairs and I’m so very grateful. I have been a member of the Society for 20 years and this sums up what Foresters is all about, helping its members.”

A satisfied member

“Following the loss of my wife, the grant from Foresters has enabled me to help secure our daughters financial future. We originally chose Foresters to start our Child’s Trust Fund because this Friendly Society came highly recommended as a means to invest ethically.

The Child Support Fund grant came as an unexpected and very welcome surprise. The grant has been handled with empathy and grace, and I’m very grateful for the support from Foresters.”

John, Kent

A satisfied member

“I recently started a Data Science course with the Open University and needed office equipment, as the course is computer based. The Educational Award grant paid for the equipment that I needed. Having a little extra money has allowed me to sign up for a further module this year, enabling me to complete my degree sooner.”

A satisfied member

“I suffer from severe Hyalosis, which affects my vision. I was advised by my optician that a specialised lens in my glasses would help me. The new glasses were of course very expensive. The Foresters Support Fund grant has been a huge help as it has gone towards the cost of my new lenses.”

A satisfied member

“I applied for the Child Support fund for my three children, who are also my carers. Without the support of my children, I would be lost, but this unfortunately means that they have had to make sacrifices to support me and each other. The grant has allowed my children to purchase a PC for their schoolwork, along with other necessities to support their studies.

My eldest has been able to pay for driving lessons, which will be a huge help to the family. I have recommended Foresters to Action for Children and to my friends, as we really can’t thank you enough for your support.”

A satisfied member

“Thank you very much for this amazing grant, which has allowed me to buy an iPad for my autistic son. Because of this support, my son has been able to use a range of educational apps, which have really helped his developmental progression. He also gets a lot of enjoyment from using it.”

Zoe, Shropshire