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“I was able to purchase a number of text books to help me complete my A Level qualifications.”

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“The Educational Award grant was a massive help when I started university, as I moved away from home to study, which meant I was spending a lot of money on everything I needed for my university accommodation, as well as needing to buy equipment for my course.

Thanks to the grant I was able to buy a laptop which will be invaluable for my studies, which meant one less financial worry, giving me the best start possible to my course.”

Daniel, Cardiff

“I found out about this benefit through the recommendation of a friend, who thought I might benefit from a break after losing my husband. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the convalescent home and was well looked after. I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to have a well needed rest.”

Diane, Sheffield

“My wife and I applied for the Convalescent grant as we needed a break due to ill health. Thanks to the support of Foresters Friendly Society we were able to have a good rest.”

Don and Liz, Manchester

The grant allows me to get out and about

“When my mobility scooter was stolen I was left virtually housebound.  As my insurance would not cover my loss, the grant I received from the Foresters Support Fund meant that I was able to replace my scooter quickly. I am very grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for supporting me with the grant and allowing me to continue getting out and about.”

Estella, Essex

“With technology advancing so quickly, studying a course like photography can be expensive. It’s important to have the latest equipment to achieve the best results.

By receiving the Educational Award, Foresters Friendly Society have provided some much needed financial support to help me upgrade my camera. This has meant that I have been able to take much better quality photos which will help me get better results in my A Level.”

Elsie, Kent

“The stay at the convalescent home allowed my husband and I to have a break and a welcome change of environment. This was particularly valuable for my husband, as it meant he was able to have some respite from care and household duties.”

Gill, Chesterfield

“Receiving an unconditional offer for university was a fantastic achievement for me, as I am dyslexic, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford the dyslexia report required to give me some much needed extra support with my studies.

Thanks to the Educational Award, I was able to pay the fee required for the report and as a result I now have all the help I need to support my time at university, giving me the best chance of succeeding with my course.”

Jenifer, Essex

Being a Foresters Friendly Society member has helped me in so many ways

“Being a Foresters Friendly Society member has helped me in so many ways. The Educational Awards grant I received helped me through university by contributing towards the cost of books and costumes for my graduate showcase as a Performing Arts student.

As an Assistant Secretary, I have been introduced to the business world and taught me invaluable life skills such as basic bookkeeping and accounting. This experience spurred me on to complete a Business Admin NVQ, which in turn has led me to my current career path.

Foresters has and always will be a support system, as well as a family of friends where someone is always there to help.”

Natasha, Shropshire

“I applied for the Educational Award to assist with funding the purchase of textbooks for my course and to help fund the cost of participating in field trips and field studies which are fundamental to my course.

Thanks to the textbooks and knowledge gained on the field trips, I have achieved some fantastic results in my first year at Oxford University. I’m grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for providing extra support when I needed it.”

Joe, Cheltenham

“Thanks to the Educational Award grant I was able to purchase all the revision books I need to help me study for my A Levels in Physics and Maths.”

Jordan, Yorkshire

“The cost of university fees and accommodation is quite high, but thanks to the support of the Educational Award I have been able to purchase key textbooks for my course. The grant has also helped towards the cost of a laptop.”

Oscar, London

Helping me complete my A Level qualifications

“Thanks to the grant I received from the Educational Awards Fund, I was able to purchase a number of text books to help me complete my A Level qualifications. The grant also helped cover the costs of attending university open days to help me decide which one is right for me.”

Henry, Chesterfield

“Thanks to the fantastic support received from the Educational Award I was able to complete a project management course. Completing the course now means I have my accreditation so I can pursue my goal of having a successful career in this field.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Foresters Friendly Society and the support they give to anyone.”

Samantha, Birmingham

“The generosity of Foresters Friendly Society not only allowed me to attend the convalescent home, but supported the cost of my travel to and from the convalescent home. Without this support I would not have been able to travel, and I am grateful for the help provided.”

Gordon, Bradford

“Many generations of my family have been members of Foresters, as they knew that in times of sickness or need, Foresters would be there to support them. So when the motor on my stair lift stopped working, I knew I could rely on Foresters Friendly Society to help me. The Foresters Support Fund enabled us to replace the motor on our stair lift and saved me from being confined to the downstairs area of my house. I am extremely grateful to Foresters for their support in my time of need.”

Eric, Kent

Helping my son with his developmental progression

“Thank you very much for this amazing grant, which has allowed me to buy an iPad for my autistic son. Because of this support, my son has been able to use a range of educational apps, which have really helped his developmental progression. He also gets a lot of enjoyment from using it.”

Zoe, Shropshire